Staff Nurse
University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)
Area / State


Account / Client / Employer: University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Hiring Manner: Online Interview

Target Audience:
Location: Philippines
Age: 23 - 38
Gender: Female and Male

Unique Selling Proposition:
- Competitive Salary and Benefit Package
- One of the most modern hospitals in Europe with the latest medical technology and highly qualified staff
- UKE has a diverse team with employees from many countries - including the Philippines
- Offers various opportunities for 19
- Promotion levels and further education
- Future place of residence, Hamburg is full of exciting possibilities and offers a diverse lifestyle

Vacancy Details: 
Cardiology Nurse (minimum of  3 years experience including international experience)
Surgery and Internal Medicine (minimum of 3 years work experience)
Pediatric Specialty (minimum of 3 years experience including international experience)
Oncology (minimum of 3 years experience including international experience)
Intensive Care Unit  (minimum of 4 years experience including international experience)
Operating Room (minimum of 4 years experience including international experience)
Anesthesia (minimum of 4 years experience including international experience).

Benefits Package:
- Minimum gross salary are € 2, 538.09 (?146, 394.89) and € 2, 830.30 (?163, 249.31) - € 3, 003.48 (?173238.19) after recognition
- Overtime pay provided
- 30 days holiday yearly
-105 Euros bonus for rotating shift
- 80% gross income for Christmas
- Further Training Programs
- Company retirement provision
- Mentors and buddies for orientation and integration
- Sports activities
- Childcare
- Subsidy for public transportation
- Modern Workplace
- Flexible Work Schedule
- 100 USD Allowance plus 20 USD for the internet subsidy while taking the language training

List of Requirements:
- Sign-up application form at applicant.abba.ph
- Updated Resume
- College Diploma
- Related Learning Experience
- Transcript of Records
- PRC License (back and forth)
- PRC Board Rating
- PRC Board Certificate
- International Licences *if applicable
- Exit Visa Copy
- Employment Certificates
- 2 Reference/ Recommendation letter from recent employment signed by nurse superiors (must contain hospital’s letter head, contact details and issued date)
- Training and Seminar Certificates
- Valid Passport

Application Mode/s:
*REQUIRED* If you are interested kindly answer this form  so that a Recruitment Officer can get in touch with you: https://forms.gle/fn8yDaFxhNzfBt5U7
Complete requirements will be advantageous.

Contact Person for Queries:
Ms. Faye Sapon

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