Staff Nurse
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center - Jeddah
Saudi Arabia
Area / State


Grade 8 Vacancies:
- 24HR admission Unit (Female)
- Medical Unit (Female)
- Neuroscience Ward (Female)
- Oncology (Adult) (Female)
- Oncology Treatment Area (Female)
- Pediatric Oncology Unit (Female)
- Operating Room (OR) (Female & Male)
- Surgical Ward (Female)
- Protocol Unit (Female)
- Cardiovascular Telemetry (CVT) (Female)
- Cardiac Surgical ICU (CSICU) (Female & Male)
- Medical Surgical ICU (Female)
- Surgical ICU (Female & Male)
- Transplant Unit (Female)

Special/Specific Requirements for Grade 8 Vacancies:
- Current 2 years clinical experience in desired area 
- Bachelor's in nursing science with current licensure from country of origin

Grade 9 Vacancies:
- Operation Room (Female & Male)
- Cardiac Catheterization (Female & Male)
- Labor & Delivery (Female)

Special/Specific Requirements for Grade 9 Vacancies:
- For OR and Labor & Delivery: Four (4) years of nursing experience including two (2) years of Leadership experience with master's degree or six years (6) with bachelor's degree
- For Cardiac Catheterization: Four (4) years of nursing experience with Bachelor's Degree or six (6) years with Associate Degree/Diploma is required. Experience as preceptor for nurses; completion of preceptor course; teaching experience (in clinical or academic setting) is required.

Contact Person:
Ms. Loisa Bernardo
0917-531-2611 (GLOBE)
0918-286-1925 (SMART)

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