Staff Nurse
Insight Global Health (IGH)
United States
Area / State



  • All units/specialties where short term care takes place are considered. 

  • ICU, ER, NICU, Surgical Unit, General, M/S, Ambulatory Care, Coronary Care, Urgent Care Units


  • Male/ Female

  • Licensed Nurse

  • 1 year of acute care experience in last 2 years (open to 6+ months if currently working in hospital)

  • IELTS / OET Passer

    • With an overall score of 6.5 = 6.0 in listening, reading, writing, and 7.0 speaking from IELTS

    • With a minimum score of 300 in listening, reading and writing and a minimum score of 350 in speaking.

  • NCLEX Passer (or with scheduled NCLEX exam)

  • Willing to undergo the 16-week compensated training

  • No work gap over 12 months

Salary and Benefits Package:

  • Paid at $47.69/hr

  • Upfront payment for the following:

    • IELTS/OET Review

  • Reimbursement of the following items before deployment:

    • CGFNS Credentials Evaluation Service

    • NCLEX Registration, Scheduling Fee, and Exam 

    • IELTS/OET Exam

  • Cover the cost of:

    • VisaScreen

    • I-129 Filing

    • H1B Visa Fee

    • International Airfare to US

    • 2 month accommodation

    • Transportation to/from the hospital

  • Compensated training before deployment for 16 weeks in IGH’s state of the art simulation laboratory:

    • $5/hr

    • Additional travel and food allowances will be provided

    • Free hotel accommodation for candidates coming from outside of Metro Manila

  • Offers $5,000 landing bonus upon arrival in the US

  • 60 hrs of paid time off + almost 40 hours accrued sick leave

  • Includes medical, dental, vision and 401K Retirement benefits

  • PHP100,000 Bonus for NCLEX and EL Passer *terms and conditions apply

  • PHP50,000 Bonus for NCLEX Passers *terms and conditions apply

  • 3-year contract

  • No placement and processing fee

EB3 visa will be processed in the US after 90 days of employment. EB3 Processing fees are covered by IGH.

Trust/Hospital Name:


Hospital Description:

A union hospital and the largest community based, locally governed non-profit hospital system in Washington State. They have 10 hospitals across the State of Washington.

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