Executive Housekeeper
Aldara Hospital and Medical Center
Saudi Arabia
Area / State


  1. Necessary Knowledge and Experience

• Minimum seven years of experience in hospital sectors.


  1. Education and Certification Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in a Tourism or Business Management


  1. Competencies / Skills

• Must be highly organized with strong attention to detail.

• Flexibility to work various shifts, including evenings and weekends.

• Fluent English and Arabic.

• Very good computer skills and Microsoft programs.

• Financial and Budgeting.

• Demonstrated ability to work under pressure, multi-task conflicting

demands, meet deadlines and work independently

·   Above-average people skills and the ability to train and motivate staff

·   Problem-solving, multi-tasking with an attention to detail

·   Excellent written and oral communication


  1. Job Duties

Executive housekeepers are in charge of overseeing and directing the cleaning activities for the business. The work schedules are prepared and planned in advance by the executive housekeeper, and the executive housekeeper handles customer service and complaints as well.

Cleaning materials and new items are also ordered by the executive housekeeper to ensure that their workers have the proper tools to perform their job duties. An executive housekeeper has to be aware of the schedules of others in order to time the cleaning of rooms with other departments. Additionally, the executive housekeeper informs workers about the procedures and policies that must be followed while cleaning rooms.


  1. Working conditions:

Due to the dual nature of the job, you’ll be expected walk around the facilities quite a lot. You’ll need to regularly inspect the conditions of the business to see that your department is performing at their best.

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